Can Giant Day Geckos Eat Fruit – 10 Questions Answered

Giant Day Geckos are a species of gecko that is omnivorous. They need a varied diet that includes different insects, fruits, worms, and vegetables to lead a happy life. In the wilderness, they eat quite a lot of fruit and nectar. This is why in captivity you will need to include different types of tropical fruits in their diet. This includes bananas, mango, papaya, etc.

In this article, we’ll talk about what fruits your gecko should eat each week and how you can prepare them.

Can Giant Day Geckos Eat Fruit? What Types Are OK?

Tropical fruits are the best choice for Giant Day Geckos as they are very delicious and easy to digest. They might be a bit pricey for some owners, but they are the closest thing to what they eat in the wild you will be able to find. But you can also include a few pieces of other types of fruits. This includes apples, pears, berries, etc.

Some fruits might be a bit too hard to chew for some geckos. It’s important to peel them and make sure they are as easy to eat as possible, especially for the little ones. You should also avoid the fruits that are too high in acid content, such as oranges. They might enjoy a small piece but you should not offer it to them more often than once a month.

The best way to find the exact portions you need to feed your pet is to talk with your veterinarian. And never skip a check-up date as the vet needs to make sure your pet gets all of the nutrients it needs from the food. Otherwise, the diet might need to be changed.

Can Giant Day Geckos eat strawberries?

Strawberries are actually adored by omnivorous geckos, including the Giant Day Gecko. They’re very delicious and are often used as staple fruit. You can also add a strawberry to a mix of veggies to improve the flavor and make sure your pet will eat it. Thin slices are easily devoured by these geckos and hatchling and juveniles can enjoy them mashed into a paste.


Bananas are the easiest-to-find tropical fruits and the most affordable. Giant Day Geckos love them and they can be fed in various shapes and forms. You can break the banana into pieces, mash it into a paste, place it into a smoothie with some veggies, etc.


Apples are great and affordable fruits as well and younger geckos can enjoy them without any issues. Cutting them into thin slices is the best way to prepare them but they can also be added to smoothies. But remember that apple seeds have small amounts of cyanide that will get into the gecko’s system once they’re broken.


Peaches are excellent for Giant Day Gecko as well. It’s best to allow them to ripen very well until they are very soft. Then you can place the peach on a plate without the seed and the peel and let the gecko enjoy it. Most of the time, it will lick the juice and let the peach almost intact as it’s a bit too much.


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Watermelon is very high in water content so the gecko can eat as much as it wants without any issue. It works great with baby food as it has the liquid to make the paste perfect. You can add other fruits and veggies to the mix as well. Just remember that a tablespoon or two is usually enough for any gecko.


Pineapple is another great tropical fruit that geckos love. However, it might not be the best choice as a frequently-fed fruit. You can give your pet a few pieces once every two weeks or so. But since they are high in acid content, there are better fruits for Giant Day Geckos.

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit
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Passion fruit is loved by these omnivorous geckos as well. But it’s best to let them ripen a bit too much as this is the way they typically eat fruits in the wilderness after they fall off the trees. You can feed them the same way as peaches or you can mash them into a paste.


Mangos are ideal for pretty much any gecko. They’re excellent as staple fruit for omnivorous geckos and as an occasional treat for the strict insectivore ones. And if you don’t have access to fresh mango, canned mango is actually a good option as well.


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Kiwi is often included in an omnivorous gecko’s diet but the key is to choose the right fruit. The ones that are not ripen yet tend to be a bit sour and leave a strong taste in your mouth. This might make some geckos turn their head to the fruit.


Oranges are very high in acid content and are better left out of a Giant Day Gecko’s diet. They’re not recommended as occasional treats either. Even if you peel them and remove their seeds, they are still not great for geckos.

How much fruit can you give a Giant Day Gecko daily?

The amount of fruit your can give you gecko depends on various things. This includes the size of the gecko, the age, whether it’s sick or not, etc. If you have a gecko that needs to recover from a health issue, you will need to start feeding it daily until it gets back on its feed. More than that, it should only be fed insects that are as less active as possible to not risk getting the pet hurt even more.

To make eating fruits easier, you should mash them into a paste, add a bit of fruit-flavored baby food, and you can even add a piece of veggie as well. This mix can be offered on a small plate to allow the pet to eat it as slow as it wants. You should offer this mix to hatchlings every day, to juveniles once every two days, and to adult Giant Day Gecko around three times a week.

You can offer your pet a very small piece of fruit each day as well. This can actually help strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Try to get the gecko used to handling and you should be able to feed it from your own hand.