200 Great Names for Leopard Geckos (10 Categories)

What are good names for Leopard Geckos

When it comes to naming Leopard Geckos, there’s a world of possibilities. The name can be a reflection of their physical characteristics, their personality, or even a nod to their wild origins.

This comprehensive guide offers a range of name categories to suit every type of leopard gecko. Whether you’re looking for a name that’s male, female, unisex, color-inspired, or based on morphological traits, we’ve got you covered. These can all be good starting points, and if there are several people or children involved, they can vote on the best ones.

Male Names for Leopard Geckos

What are good names for Leopard Geckos

When naming a male leopard gecko, many owners lean towards names that exude strength, charisma, or reference iconic male figures from various domains. Nature also offers a plethora of inspiration, with names derived from majestic landscapes, robust animals, or even celestial bodies. Here’s a curated list of male names for leopard geckos, each with its own unique origin or meaning.

Name Meaning/Origin
Atlas After the Titan who held up the sky in Greek mythology
Rocky Symbolizing strength and resilience
Thor Norse god of thunder
Blaze Representing fiery spirit and passion
Rex Latin for “king”
Jasper A type of spotted gemstone
Orion After the famous constellation
Leo Latin for “lion”, symbolizing courage
Hunter One who hunts, symbolizing agility
Maximus Latin for “greatest”
Ranger Symbolizing adventure and exploration
Apollo Greek god of music and arts
Zeus King of the Greek gods
Phoenix Mythical bird that rises from ashes
Bravo Signifying courage and valor
Storm Symbolizing dynamic energy
Drake Old English for “dragon”
Wolf Wild canine known for its pack leadership
Titan Symbolizing great strength and power
Ace Signifying excellence and superiority

Female Names for Leopard Geckos

Female Leopard Gecko Names

Naming female leopard geckos often revolves around capturing their elegance, grace, and beauty. Many opt for names that reflect the delicate nature of these creatures, while others draw inspiration from renowned female figures in history, mythology, or nature.

Name Meaning/Origin
Luna Latin for “moon”, symbolizing beauty and mystery
Athena Greek goddess of wisdom
Rosa Spanish for “rose”, representing elegance
Stella Latin for “star”
Isabella Means “pledged to God”
Freya Norse goddess of love
Amara Means “grace” in Igbo
Gemma Latin for “gem or jewel”
Serena Latin for “tranquil or serene”
Cleo Short for Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen
Aurora Latin for “dawn”, also the Roman goddess of sunrise
Lyra After the constellation, means “lyre” in Latin
Maya Means “illusion” in Sanskrit
Olive Symbolizing peace and fruitfulness
Willow After the graceful willow tree
Lilith Means “night” in Akkadian
Flora Roman goddess of flowers
Nina Means “little girl” in Spanish
Persephone Greek goddess of spring
Elara One of Jupiter’s moons

Unisex Names for Leopard Geckos

Unisex names

Unisex names offer versatility and freedom, making them an excellent choice for leopard geckos of any gender. These names often transcend traditional gender norms, embodying a modern, inclusive approach to naming. From names rooted in nature to those with historical or abstract origins, unisex options cater to a wide range of preferences and styles.

Name Meaning/Origin
Skylar Derived from “sky”
Jordan After the Jordan River
Avery Old English for “ruler of elves”
Rowan Derived from the rowan tree
Morgan Of Welsh origin, meaning “sea circle”
Casey Gaelic for “brave”
Riley Old English for “rye clearing”
Alex Short for Alexander/Alexandra, meaning “defender”
Taylor Means “tailor”
Quinn Gaelic for “wisdom”
Finley Gaelic for “fair warrior”
Jamie Derived from James, meaning “supplanter”
Dakota Means “friendly companion”
Reese Welsh for “enthusiasm”
Charlie Diminutive of Charles, meaning “free man”
Blair Scottish for “field or plain”
Emerson German for “brave”
Phoenix Mythical bird, symbolizing rebirth
Hayden Derived from “heathen”
Raven After the blackbird, symbolizing mystery

Names Based on Color

Color based names

Leopard geckos showcase a stunning array of colors, ranging from muted earth tones to vibrant shades. Their diverse color palette offers a rich source of inspiration for names. Whether your leopard gecko sports a golden hue reminiscent of desert sands or a deep black that evokes the mysteries of the night, there’s a color-inspired name waiting for them.

Name Meaning/Origin
Goldie Inspired by golden-yellow shades
Midnight Reflecting deep black or dark blue tones
Cocoa For brown-hued geckos, reminiscent of chocolate
Ruby For geckos with reddish undertones
Onyx A shiny black gemstone
Sunny Inspired by bright yellow shades
Olive For greenish-brown colored geckos
Blizzard For white or pale geckos
Shadow For dark-colored or black geckos
Indigo Inspired by deep blue shades
Amber Reflecting golden-brown hues
Jet Intense black, like jet stone
Smokey For gray or misty-colored geckos
Marble For geckos with a marbled color pattern
Jade Inspired by the green gemstone
Sable For dark brown or black geckos
Copper Reflecting reddish-brown metallic hues
Pearl For white or iridescent geckos
Charcoal Inspired by dark gray shades
Sapphire For vibrant blue-toned geckos

Names Based on Morph

Morph themed names for leos

Leopard gecko morphs, which refer to the variations in their appearance due to genetic mutations, are fascinating aspects of these creatures. These mutations can lead to distinct patterns, colors, and other physical traits that set them apart. Naming a leopard gecko based on its morph allows owners to celebrate the unique characteristics that make each gecko special.

Name Meaning/Origin
Galaxy Inspired by the galaxy pattern morph
Stripe For geckos with stripe patterns
Blot Inspired by the blotched pattern morph
Albino For geckos with the albino morph
Raptor Red-eyed patternless orange-tinted gecko morph
Bandit Inspired by the banded morph pattern
Snowflake For geckos with a snow morph
Eclipse Inspired by the eclipse morph with solid black eyes
Marble For geckos with a marbled appearance
Enigma A unique leopard gecko morph with erratic patterns
Diablo Inspired by the Diablo Blanco morph
Carrot For geckos with a carrot tail morph
Lavender Inspired by the lavender color morph
Tangerine For geckos with vibrant orange hues
Mack Inspired by the Mack Snow morph
Jungle For geckos with the jungle pattern morph
Hyperlite A morph with a translucent appearance
Tremor Inspired by the Tremper albino morph
Blizzard For geckos with a completely patternless appearance
Ghost Inspired by the ghost morph with faded colors

Names Inspired by Actors and Singers

Celebrity Names

Actors and singers often have a charm, talent, and charisma that captivates audiences worldwide. Naming your leopard gecko after these luminaries can be a fun way to pay homage to your favorite celebrities. Whether it’s the grace of a timeless actor or the energy of a chart-topping singer, there’s a name that can capture the essence of your pet’s personality.

Name Meaning/Origin
Marilyn Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, iconic actress
Elvis After Elvis Presley, the king of rock ‘n’ roll
Audrey Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, legendary actress
Bowie After David Bowie, influential singer and songwriter
Halle Inspired by Halle Berry, acclaimed actress
Usher After Usher, renowned R&B artist
Nicole Inspired by Nicole Kidman, award-winning actress
Prince After Prince, iconic singer and musician
Julia Inspired by Julia Roberts, famous actress
Drake After Drake, popular rapper and singer
Meryl Inspired by Meryl Streep, renowned actress
Sting After Sting, legendary musician
Viola Inspired by Viola Davis, esteemed actress
Lennon After John Lennon, iconic musician
Angelina Inspired by Angelina Jolie, celebrated actress
Bruno After Bruno Mars, chart-topping artist
Cate Inspired by Cate Blanchett, distinguished actress
Elton After Elton John, legendary singer and pianist
Sandra Inspired by Sandra Bullock, acclaimed actress
Harry After Harry Styles, famous singer and songwriter

Names of Great Sports People


The world of sports boasts incredible talent, determination, and grit. Athletes from various sports disciplines have left indelible marks with their exceptional performances and sportsmanship. Naming your leopard gecko after a legendary sportsperson can be a tribute to their prowess and your admiration for them.

Name Meaning/Origin
Jordan Inspired by Michael Jordan, iconic basketball player
Serena After Serena Williams, legendary tennis player
Pele After Pele, football (soccer) legend
Federer Inspired by Roger Federer, tennis maestro
Ali After Muhammad Ali, boxing champion
Messi After Lionel Messi, football (soccer) superstar
Simone Inspired by Simone Biles, gymnastics champion
Phelps After Michael Phelps, swimming legend
Ruth Inspired by Babe Ruth, baseball great
Nadia After Nadia Comăneci, gymnastics icon
Bolt After Usain Bolt, fastest man on earth
Brady Inspired by Tom Brady, American football quarterback
Ronaldo After Cristiano Ronaldo, football (soccer) star
Evert Inspired by Chris Evert, tennis legend
Woods After Tiger Woods, golf legend
LeBron Inspired by LeBron James, basketball superstar
Martina After Martina Navratilova, tennis great
Jeter Inspired by Derek Jeter, baseball icon
Hamilton After Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 champion
Kohli After Virat Kohli, cricket superstar

Gecko Names Inspired by Carnivore Dinosaurs

Leopard gecko dinosaur names

Dinosaurs, the magnificent prehistoric creatures, have always captured our imagination. Their sheer size, variety, and power make them a favorite among many. The carnivorous dinosaurs, in particular, were known for their fearsome nature and predatory skills. If you’re a fan of these ancient beasts and want your leopard gecko to carry a name with a hint of prehistoric fierceness, here are some names inspired by carnivore dinosaurs.

Name Meaning/Origin
Rex Inspired by Tyrannosaurus Rex, the “king” of dinosaurs
Raptor After Velociraptor, a swift predator
Allo Short for Allosaurus, a large carnivore
Spino Inspired by Spinosaurus, known for its sail-like spine
Carno After Carnotaurus, with distinctive horns
Giga Short for Giganotosaurus, one of the largest meat-eaters
Delta Raptor from “Jurassic World”
Indy Short for Indominus Rex, a hybrid from “Jurassic World”
Bary Short for Baryonyx, known for its crocodile-like snout
Cerato Inspired by Ceratosaurus, with a horn on its snout
Mega Short for Megalosaurus, one of the first discovered dinosaurs
Utah Inspired by Utahraptor, a large raptor
Ace From Acrocanthosaurus, known for its high neural spines
Dilo Short for Dilophosaurus, with a pair of crests
Rexy A friendly version for Tyrannosaurus Rex
Compy Short for Compsognathus, a small carnivorous dinosaur
Nano Inspired by Nanotyrannus, a controversial small tyrannosaur
Troodon A small carnivore with a big brain relative to body size
Das Short for Daspletosaurus, a relative of T. Rex
Blue Raptor from “Jurassic World”

Inspired by Dragons From Fantasy Books and Movies

Dragon names for leos

Dragons, the mythical creatures that soar in our imaginations, are revered in many cultures and have been a central figure in countless fantasy tales. Their majestic presence, mysterious origins, and elemental powers have been depicted in various books and movies. If you’re an aficionado of these legendary beasts, naming your leopard gecko after a famous dragon can be an enchanting choice.

Name Meaning/Origin
Smaug The treasure-hoarding dragon from “The Hobbit”
Viserion One of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons in “Game of Thrones”
Draco The noble dragon from the movie “Dragonheart”
Eragon The Dragon Rider from the “Inheritance Cycle” series
Falkor The luck dragon from “The NeverEnding Story”
Drogon Daenerys Targaryen’s fiercest dragon in “Game of Thrones”
Norbert Hagrid’s pet dragon in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”
Glaurung The first dragon in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium
Mushu The comedic dragon from Disney’s “Mulan”
Shenron The wish-granting dragon from “Dragon Ball”
Rhaegal One of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons in “Game of Thrones”
Thorn Murtagh’s dragon in the “Inheritance Cycle” series
Temeraire The titular dragon from Naomi Novik’s “Temeraire” series
Puff “Puff, the Magic Dragon” from the song by Peter, Paul and Mary
Balerion The Black Dread, a legendary dragon in “Game of Thrones”
Elliot The friendly dragon from “Pete’s Dragon”
Saphira Eragon’s dragon in the “Inheritance Cycle” series
Meraxes A legendary dragon in “Game of Thrones”
Kilgharrah The Great Dragon from the TV series “Merlin”
Toothless The Night Fury dragon from “How to Train Your Dragon”

Names For a Pair of Leopard Geckos

Names for Leopard Gecko pair

When you have a pair of leopard geckos, it can be delightful to give them names that complement each other, especially when inspired by famous couples. Throughout history, literature, and popular culture, there have been numerous iconic duos whose names are instantly recognizable. Naming your male and female geckos after such couples can add a touch of nostalgia and romance.

Male Female Meaning/Origin
Romeo Juliet The star-crossed lovers from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”
Bonnie Clyde The infamous American criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde
Anthony Cleopatra The historic romance between Mark Antony and Cleopatra
Heathcliff Catherine The tumultuous lovers from “Wuthering Heights”
Darcy Elizabeth The leading couple from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”
Paris Helen The duo whose love story led to the Trojan War
John Yoko John Lennon and Yoko Ono, the iconic musical couple
Odysseus Penelope The devoted pair from the epic “Odyssey”
Tristan Isolde The tragic lovers from medieval folklore
Orpheus Eurydice The mythical Greek lovers separated by fate
Robin Marian Robin Hood and Maid Marian from English legends
Tarzan Jane The jungle hero and his love from “Tarzan”
Jack Rose The ill-fated lovers from the movie “Titanic”
Scarlett Rhett The passionate pair from “Gone with the Wind”
Mickey Minnie The beloved cartoon characters from Disney
Westley Buttercup The devoted duo from “The Princess Bride”
Samson Delilah The biblical figures known for love and betrayal
Lancelot Guinevere The knight and queen from Arthurian legends
Shah Mumtaz Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, inspiration for the Taj Mahal
Napoleon Josephine Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine’s historic romance

Selecting a name for your leopard gecko is more than just a label; it’s an expression of your connection with the creature. Drawing inspiration from various sources, be it nature, celebrities, or fantasy tales, ensures that you find a moniker that truly reflects your gecko’s essence. Ultimately, the perfect name is one that strikes a chord in your heart and mirrors the unique personality of your pet. Remember, it’s the bond and care that matter most, and a fitting name is just the cherry on top. If you want to learn more about them, I suggest you check out our page on fun and interesting facts about leopard geckos.