Leopard Gecko blind

What Causes Leopard Geckos To Go Blind?

Leopard geckos can go blind due to several factors. These factors range from environmental conditions to genetic predispositions. Ensuring proper care and understanding these causes can help prevent vision loss in these reptiles. Blindness in leopard geckos isn’t always irreversible, but prevention is key. Knowing the potential threats to their vision can assist in providing … Read more

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Are leopard geckos quiet

Are Leopard Geckos Quiet Pets?

Yes, leopard geckos are quiet pets. However, they may make specific noises at times, ranging from chirping to barking. These sounds are typically infrequent and serve various purposes, from communication to expressing discomfort or stress. Recognizing and understanding these noises can help owners ensure their gecko’s well-being and address any potential concerns promptly. Key Takeaways: … Read more

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