Can Crested Geckos Eat Fruit – 10 Questions Answered

Crested Gecko food

Crested Geckos are omnivore creatures that need a balanced diet to remain healthy. In the wilderness, they’re used to eat insects, fruits, and nectar. And you have to offer a similar diet in captivity as well unless you’re only using commercial food that gets rid of the need for insects and any type of food.

Natural fruits are highly recommended for Crested Geckos and there are lots of ways you can prepare them. In this article, we’ll talk about what types of fruits your gecko likes and how to prepare them.

Can Crested Geckos Eat Fruit? What Types Are OK?

Crested Geckos love fruits and they’re a big part of their staple diet. They need their diet to consist of around 50% insects and the rest 50% needs to be a combination of fruits, vegetables, etc. In the wilderness, they eat the fruits that have fallen on the ground and are almost rotten. This makes the fruit soft enough for the Crested Geckos to eat without any problems.

There are various types of fruits that are excellent for Crested Geckos and most of them are quite affordable. And if you live in an area where fresh fruit is hard to find, fruit-flavored baby food often does the trick. But you should still try to provide fresh fruit now and then.

Typically, most geckos love licking or nibbling on a piece of tropical fruit no matter if they are insectivores or omnivores. And this stands true for Crested Geckos as well. They love both fresh tropical fruits and tropical fruit-flavored baby food formulas. Just be sure not to give them way too much.

Can Crested Geckos eat strawberries?

Crested Geckos are not big fans of strawberries but they can be given as a treat from time to time. Just make sure you’re chopping them off properly or mashing them with a fork very well. This will allow the geckos to eat the strawberries a lot easier.

But under your close supervision, you can give your pet a whole strawberry and let it lick and nibble at it, especially if you managed to form a close bond with your crestie.


Bananas are very delicious and most geckos love them. However, due to their very bad calcium-to-phosphorous ratio, they should only be used as treats. They have a low oxalic acid level so there are no worries about the gecko getting sick from eating them.

These fruits are also known to cause constipation so be careful about the amount you’re giving your Crested Gecko. If your gecko has a runny stool, you can offer it a bit of banana to fix it very quickly. If it doesn’t work, you might want to take it to see a vet.


Apples are pretty great as occasional treats as well. They’re very tasty and most geckos love them mashed or in very thin slices. It’s important to remove all seeds as they contain small quantities of cyanide that can release into the body once the seed is broken.

You can add the apple to their regular smoothie or just add a few thin slices as a quick treat.


Peaches are excellent for Crested Geckos and you can use them as their staple fruit as well. This means adding it to their regular meal, three times a week. Just make sure to peel it and mash it very well with a fork or something similar.

You can also add it to enhance the flavor of peach-flavored baby foods.


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Watermelon is very high in water content, which makes them excellent for making your gecko’s usual smoothie. A few pieces of watermelon, a teaspoon of fruit-flavored baby food, and a piece of veggie is a great mix as a treat from time to time. You can even use it as staple fruit.


Pineapples are quite high in acids, which can hurt the Crested Gecko’s digestion. This is why many cresties won’t even touch it. But there are still a few that love it. You can offer it as a treat once a month or so but it’s best if you avoid it completely. The same goes for other citrus fruits.

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit
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Passion fruit is not a popular choice among Crested Gecko keepers but some might offer it here and then. They should be easy to eat so offer it in a smoothie or mashed on a straight plate. There are better and more affordable fruits out there that are better suited for Crested Geckos.

They love the fruit but it’s not usually that common. If you have easy access to it and the price doesn’t bother you, then it’s an excellent addition to their diet.


Mango is a must for most geckos, even the insectivore ones love to nibble on it from time to time. It’s very delicious and it’s a great choice for a Crested Gecko’s staple fruit. It contains everything your gecko needs and it’s easy to eat. You can mix it with various other fruits and veggies or offer it on a plate on its own.


Kiwi is actually an excellent fruit for Crested Geckos. It’s highly recommended as it’s a healthy food source for them. You can use it as staple food for two out of the three weekly meals or use them as treats two times a week. They’re very tasty and almost no Crested Gecko will refuse them.


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Oranges are extremely high in acids, which is why it’s way better if you keep them away from your Crested Geckos. They might actually like the taste and try to eat them, but they’re too harmful to them. It’s best if they’re not mixed with other fruits either.

How much fruit can you give a Crested Gecko daily?

Besides the fruits that need to be included in their staple diet, which is offered to them three times a week, you can also give your Crested Gecko a bit of fruit every day. Just be careful to leave the food at night as they are nocturnal animals, and remove all the leftovers in the morning.

A few slices of fruit, a few pieces of veggie, and a teaspoon of fruit-flavored baby formal should be mashed together very well. If the fruits and veggies are not high in water, you should add a little bit to allow the baby formula to start working. Then you can place this mix in a flat dish inside their enclosure each night for an occasional treat.