Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko Purchase Guide: Ensuring a Healthy and Happy Pet

If you’ve found yourself enchanted by the small, gentle gaze of a Leopard Gecko, you’re not alone. These unique creatures, native to the deserts of Asia and the Middle East, have won the hearts of reptile enthusiasts worldwide. With their distinctive, spotted skin, playful personalities, and relatively low maintenance needs, Leopard Geckos make for fascinating … Read more

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Tokay Gecko and Mite Parasite

How to Deal with Parasites in Tokay Geckos

Tokay Geckos are vibrant, fascinating creatures that have made a unique place in the hearts of reptile enthusiasts worldwide. They’re known for their stunning coloration, size, and nocturnal habits. As with any pet, maintaining their health is crucial, and this includes keeping them free from parasites – a common concern for gecko owners. This article … Read more

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Leopard Gecko Bioactive Setup: Creating a Healthier, Happier Environment

Bioactive setups, a term you’ve likely heard more often recently, refer to recreating a naturalistic environment within an enclosure, complete with live plants, beneficial microorganisms, and an ecosystem that functions in harmony. Instead of simply being decorative, every component has a function. These setups not only aim to provide a visually pleasing habitat but also … Read more

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Cryptosporidiosis in Leopard Gecko

Cryptosporidiosis in Leopard Geckos Explained: Symptoms and Treatment

Cryptosporidiosis in leopard geckos is a concerning health issue that every reptile enthusiast should be aware of. This parasitic infection, caused by the Cryptosporidium species, can lead to severe health complications in these popular pet lizards. As a responsible gecko owner or breeder, understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for this condition is crucial. … Read more

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Leopard Gecko glass surfing

14 Reasons Why A Leopard Gecko Is Glass Surfing

Leopard geckos, with their distinctive, spotted appearance and docile nature, are a popular choice for reptile enthusiasts. But observing your leopard gecko engaging in glass surfing—pawing or climbing the glass walls of their enclosure—can leave you puzzled and concerned. Glass surfing is commonly a sign that your gecko is experiencing stress, discomfort, or curiosity. This … Read more

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