Leopard Gecko

The Life Journey of Leopard Geckos: From Hatchling to Old Age

Welcome to the vibrant world of leopard geckos – adorable, friendly, and interesting creatures that have become a favorite among reptile enthusiasts. Their engaging personalities, myriad of colors and patterns, and the ease of care they require make them a popular choice for beginners and experienced herpetologists alike. One aspect that often intrigues new and … Read more

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Madagascar Giant Day Geckos vs Tokay Gecko

Tokay Gecko vs Madagascar Giant Day Gecko: Which One is Right for You?

Welcome to the world of geckos, where vibrant colors, intriguing behaviors, and unique adaptations rule the day. In the realm of pet reptiles, two species stand out due to their popularity and distinctive qualities—the Tokay Gecko and the Madagascar Giant Day Gecko. Both exhibit enchanting charm and distinctive character, but choosing between them as a … Read more

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Tokay Gecko baby

Healthy Breathing, Happy Gecko: A Guide to Respiratory Infections in Tokay Geckos

As lovers and owners of Tokay Geckos, we all want the best for these fascinating creatures. They offer vibrant colors, unique behavior, and captivating personalities that make them more than just pets – they’re companions. However, with the joy of owning a Tokay Gecko also comes the responsibility of understanding their health needs. One such … Read more

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Tokay Gecko and Mite Parasite

How to Deal with Parasites in Tokay Geckos

Tokay Geckos are vibrant, fascinating creatures that have made a unique place in the hearts of reptile enthusiasts worldwide. They’re known for their stunning coloration, size, and nocturnal habits. As with any pet, maintaining their health is crucial, and this includes keeping them free from parasites – a common concern for gecko owners. This article … Read more

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